Making Memories

I don't bring my camera with me enough on outings with my family.  I know I would regret in the future when I have so many photos of other children but my own.  My heart is full when I get to capture their innocence when I can.   So please allow me to introduce my pride and joy:  

Millicent (Milli) - My first born.  One of the gifts God gave me to reveal so much about myself.  I didn't know how flawed and imperfect I can be until I find myself responding to how unique Milli is.  Yet, God continues to show me grace through Milli who always find her ways to forgive and love me.  She is the most talented little girl I have met and also the most strong will.  I know someday (soon), my Milli will flourished with this creative mind of hers.  My husband joked, "Milli is more talented than you!"  I know it's the truth.  

Isabella (Izzi) - My middle child.  The sweetest little girl of my life.  She melts my (and everyone else's) heart everyday.  God knew I need comfort often as a mom so He gifted me with this darling.  As a middle child who didn't get the first born attention and didn't get to stay a baby for that long, she develops independence and resilience very early on.  I admire her strength as she tries to fit in her role in the family yet stays sweet and gentle in any situations.  She dresses up as different princesses everyday, sings, and makes up songs.  

Uriah (bubba) - my sweet little boy who stole my heart forever.  Lots of moms shares how attached their son(s) are to them and I did not realize they were not joking.  He literally is attached to me and will not sleep until he is assure that I am next to him before he falls asleep. He's been jumping, climbing, opening (destroying) things constantly but yet he also puts things back to its original place and cleans up.  It's entertaining to watch him daily.  This boy is one of the sweetest boys and I just don't know what I'll do without him.  At this point, I think I'm the one with the separation anxiety disorder.  

On the way there, we saw a few wild flower fields along the highway.  We hesitated to stop cause it's dangerous and maybe illegal?  But, we did it anyway and I'm so glad we did!