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who is TV Tran

Aside from photography, I homeschool my three three energetic, talkative, creative, and sweet kids (8,5,3). Wife of a pastor with a big servant heart. And daughter of the most compassionate King. Can you imagine my day?

I've always loved capturing moments growing up. I got this passion from my mom who emphasized on documenting every moments in life. I was a bit irritated as i was the subject of these "moments". But as I got older I appreciate her wisdom because I still have these photos to remember. My mom gave me a small film camera and I fell in love. Then digital cameras were invented and I fell in love even more because I was able to see what I'm capturing. My sweet husband gave me my first dslr canon and has been my encouragement to pursue photography. He sometimes second shoot with me. I have upped my gear since then but i will never forget the day I received that gift.

I want to be honest with you, I've never taken photography classes (or photoshop). It was a tough journey but because I have this passion, I always strive to learn more and be a better photographer for you. I'm sharing this because I believe you can do anything you are passionate about. We live in a culture where "community" is essential to succeed. We share, teach, and grow with one another. I will always continue to be a better photographer for His sons and daughters. If you decide to have me as your photographer, I thank you for your encouragement and support on this journey.