Hi there!  My name is TV Tran, and I live with my wonderful family in Northern Virginia.  Photography has always been an important part of my life.  My mom often emphasize that memories should be captured so we can have them for our children.  Through the painful journey that my parents endured during the war and having to migrate to another country (the U.S), my mom made sure she took all of the photographs of our childhood (and even her's and my dad's) .   I would have to admit that my mom cultivate something wonderful for our family and I'm forever grateful.  My mom gifted me with a small film camera when I was ten years old and that moment changed my life.  I remember going to Walmart every week to send in my film rolls and waiting patiently for a few days to pick up my photos.  I still have boxes of negatives saved from my film years.  

My husband and I moved to Texas right after we got married so he can attend seminary.  He has always been my rock and supported my passion for the arts.  He gifted me my first DSLR even when we had very little because he believed in me.  Our three children were born in TX as well as my photography business.  It has taken me longer to learn my craft over the years and grow in the business aspect because motherhood is a craft in itself.  Surprisingly, after our third child, we got in the flow of parenthood and life is gradually becoming less chaotic (for the most part).  I decided to get back into photography full force and it has been a fun learning experience for me thus far.  Our family moved back to Northern Virginia in 2016 for ministry purpose and I continue Sons + Daughters Photography here.  

When I am not photographing for the business, you can find me constantly capturing my everyday moments with my children (mostly from my phone).  Homeschooling is so much fun when I get to witness their excitement when discovering new things.  To them, having the freedom to find their gifts is the norm and I want to keep it that way.  My mom gave me something better than an object to pass down to my children, she gave me the gift of memories.  My desire is for my children to cultivate the same for their own family.   

I wholeheartedly and confidently believe that this journey I am in is all by the grace of my Lord and Savior.  I did not know of my loving Father as a child but now looking back, I see him in every step of the way.  He sent people in my life to reveal my gifts and guide me along this journey.  My creativity is all from my Creator of which I ask for guidance prior to every photoshoot.  He not only gives me confidence but also grace to know that I am not perfect.  Photography is just a lens to the true purpose of my existence here on earth - that is to love people as they are and that love can be found in Him.  

I believe every relationship requires both people if not more to make it beautiful.  I desire to learn more about you and hope you desire the same with me.  I look forward to meeting you!  

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